Guide Myriam

  • guidemyriam Fleurs de cerisier au printemps
  • guidemyriam La Fontaine Médicis
  • guidemyriam Troglodyte mignon
  • guidemyriam Maison des insectes
  • guidemyriam La Fontaine Medicis
  • guidemyriam Allée du jardin en fin d'été
  • guidemyriam Mésange charbonnière fin février
  • guide myriam Fleurs de catalpa au printemps
  • guidemyriam Rouge-gorge début mars
  • guidemyriam Monument à Charles Marie Leconte de Lisle
  • guidemyriam Euphorbia x martinii
  • guidemyriam Platebande fleurie du Jardin du Luxembourg
  • guidemyriam Perruche à collier
  • guidemyriam Pour les joueurs d'échecs...
  • guidemyriam Petits bateaux du Jardin du Luxembourg
  • guidemyriam Ecorce d'Érable du Père David

Guide Myriam, guided tours in Paris

""Guiding you is my job, so follow the guide!"" »

I am a professional tour guide and guiding you is my job!  

I find fascinating to be able to access places full of history! Reading the memoirs of historical figures, trying to understand the relationships and sequences that have written History, looking for the anecdotes that take us into the past... All this fascinates me and I like to share my knowledge. My goal is to provide you with a great experience during the guided tours that I offer to several Parisian sites and to the Château de Versailles.

To transmit, you have to speak: I speak French, English and Russian.

I hope to have the pleasure of sharing all this with you during a future visit because guiding you is my job!

Myriam Dupuis
Myriam Dupuis
Guide Myriam, visites PARIS

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